K-pop celebrity Jae shuts Twitch network after ‘sugar daddy’ joke distress Korean social media sites individuals

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-Advertisement- PETALING JAYA– Korean-American musician Jae from the band Day6 has actually removed his Twitch network after a joke he made concerning sugar dads triggered conflict in South Korea.Earlier today, Jae, whose full name is Park Jae-hyung, joked in English regarding having a sugar father while playing the

computer game Rust on his Twitch stream.” This individual, that’s my sugar daddy,”Jae claimed in a clip which then made the rounds on social media. Jae, 28, likewise asked followers to”look away”as he made his character kneel before one more gamer’s character and execute movements that simulated a sexual act.-Advertisement- His activities outraged Oriental social media users that took to discussion forums to criticise him

, declaring that making such a joke is “even worse than (claiming )real curse words.

“”Those dirty activities and jokes are even worse than actual curse words.”Simply say f *** or s *** following time, it’s much better than sugar daddy, “claimed one customer on The Qoo discussion forum, based upon translations by Koreaboo.

“Even typical private citizens do not make use of the term ‘sugar daddy.’ Are you sure you’re a celeb?” stated another user.

In a follow-up livestream, Jae acknowledged that his joke might have triggered troubles due to “cultural differences” as well as said that his words in English are usually mistranslated right into Korean.

“Truthfully, for me, (the joke) is simply something I did with my pals.

“Maybe this is a social difference, however I will avoid talking about it.

“If you pick to mistranslate what I claim as well as purposely produce troubles from it, you might intend to stop seeing my streams for your very own joy,” he stated.

The explanation triggered further reaction from the Oriental on-line area, prompting Jae to upload a short apology in Korean on Tuesday.

“I all the best apologise to those that have been hurt by my activities.

“We will certainly do our finest to reveal you a much better picture,” checked out the tweet.

Jae then released an unabridged apology yesterday created in both Korean and English, revealing that he would stop all livestreaming activities and concentrate on his job as a Day6 member.

“Prior to paying attention to the earnest recommendations from those around me and my dear followers, I really did not totally comprehend what the trouble was neither the degree of severity of the incident.

“From currently on I will not act impulsively, taking into mind the gravity of my words as well as activities.

“Thus, as an act of sincerity, I will certainly stop all my individual livestreams consisting of Twitch,” stated Jae.

Many global followers have actually come to Jae’s protection on Twitter, stating that the concern has actually been blown out of proportion by Oriental social media sites customers.

“Jae is 28. If he wishes to make jokes regarding having a sugar dad, after that let him.

“You are not his parents,” claimed Twitter customer @TXTCB97.

“He’s not a kid, let him claim what he wants,” composed one more user named @yangxtwo__. Follow us on Social Media

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