Aaron Kwok’s wife finally reveals ‘Pickup Artist Training Camp’ rumours

Aaron Kwok’s wife finally reveals ‘Pickup Artist Training Camp’ rumours

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Hong Kong — About a year ago, a juicy rumour about the wives of Taiwanese-American singer Wilber Pan, 41, and Hong Kong Heavenly King Aaron Kwok, 55 showed up and rocked the Asian entertainment industry because of how wild it was.

An insider claiming to be familiar with China’s influencer scene alleged that there are ‘pickup artist training camps’ for women who aim to marry celebrities.

Pan’s wife Luna Xuan and Kwok’s wife Moka Fang were speculated to have landed their famous husband through this ‘course’ but almost everyone involved had denied it.

Fang responded to the rumour initially in an indirect and passive-aggressive manner, and the 34-year-old model recently addressed it head-on for the first time in an interview with Grazia China.

The mum of two said that she did not pay too much attention to the scandal because she thought the truth would speak for itself, as reported by 8days.sg.

Moka Fang shared her side of her story. Picture: Weibo

However, the model ended up taking it to heart. “I think anyone would be affected by it and feel sad and unhappy,” she mused. “I also care about what everyone thinks ‘cos I’m not like what they say I am, but I don’t know how to explain myself ‘cos the more you try and explain something, the more people might think you have something to hide.”

She then said that she had prepared a long statement to clarify her side of the story when the ‘training camp’ rumours surfaced, but she removed it after deciding that it may be better to let the matter go away with time.

Based on the article, Fang’s voice trembled slightly when she was talking about the scandal, showing just how “scared and powerless” she must feel after facing such an overwhelming barrage of negative public opinion.

Born Oct 26, 1965, Aaron Kwok Fu-shing is a Hong Kong singer, dancer and actor. Active since the 1980s, Kwok is known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of Hong Kong.

Dubbed the “God of Dance”, Kwok’s onstage dancing is influenced by the late American performer Michael Jackson.

He has released over 30 studio albums in Cantonese and Mandarin, with most of his songs are in the dance-pop genre, with elements of rock, R&B, soul, electronica and traditional Chinese music. /TISG

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